The Virginia Primary Tuesday was unique in which David slayed Goliath. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost to Tea Party candidate David Brat, a major upset to say the least.

What made the win so sweet is Cantor spent $5 million dollars to Brat spending less than $200,000. This doesn’t mean you can expect such miracles to happen in the general elections.

In primaries voter turn out can be as little least 10% where a general election will bring from 45% to 75% depending upon the issues. Five million can buy a candidate an election in most states. Those who have the best get out the vote organization can easily win most elections.

And like the story of the turtle and the hare, Cantor was told by his pollsters he was going to win by 35 point over the little known Brat, so Cantor saw no need to spend time with those in his district and he paid a heft price; a seat as future Speaker of the House.

Cantors loss should be a wake up call for incumbents who forget to make a presence in their district. Cantor was on the road raising funds for congressional races and spent very little time at home, duly noted by many voters who expressed that after the election.


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