Unfortunately in this country the minority political party does not have much chance of passing legislation. If they do introduce legislation, their is a good chance it will die, or a majority member may reintroduce the same bill as a substitute bill, or, the minority author could get some majority sponsors and have a better chance of passage.

In Delaware the Republicans are the minority party from the governor’s office to the basement of Legislative Hall. The two times I worked in Dover I had a split general assembly, Senate controlled by Democrats, and the House controlled by the Republicans. Trade offs happened so both parties passed legislation.

Wednesday I was in Legislative Hall to testify on legislation written by the governor, but a piece of garbage to me. I spent time waiting to appear in the office of Rep. Tim Dukes, (R) Laurel.

Now Rep. Dukes could sit on his duff or walk around chatting to people like I saw many of them do, but he did what I like best about an elected official; constituent service. He was returning calls himself, not a staff member and bringing them up to date on their issues; then he checked on pending legislation he had in the oven.

I have had several one on one serious conversations with Rep. Dukes; he has it on the ball. I have been very impressed with his attention to details and his willingness to take issues head on.

I am not impressed by legislators who introduce tons of legislation; I like mine to take care of the home front. Ask Congressman Ed Cantor.

Keep up the good work Tim!


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