No one including me wants more taxes, but we all want fairness in taxes, that is those of us who are not extremely wealthy and greedy.

Currently their is House Bill in Dover which has passed overwhelming and now in the State Senate which prohibits municipalities from instituting new taxes. Which on surface seems like a good idea but saddles smaller towns Like most in Sussex County who may want to as an example put a tax on motel occupants. Doesn’t hurt the locals, the tax is paid by the tourist who travel.

In one beach resort a new high rise motel has been built and the town wants to put a hotel tax on to the room charge. Now this is not a novel idea. I have been a guest of many motels where I paid a local, state, and county tax on to my bill.

Admendments have been added to exempt of course the City of Wilmington where votes are needed to ensure passage of any legislation and a few other towns that have certain language in their charter. Basically the bill is aimed at one town.

It’s not that the owners can’t afford the tax, heck it doesn’t come out of their pocket, it’s that they don’t want to let go of their money and they have had many disputes with the community this bill is targeted.

Interesting to me is the sponsor up for re-election, rumored aspirations to run for Lt. Governor…and it takes money to run.

Special interest legislation seems to run rampant these days in all branches of government, and it’s a shame.


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