With revenue falling and state spending higher, Delaware’s Joint Finance Committee has come up short funding Governor Jack Markell’s $3.8 BILLION DOLLAR budget.

But fear not my fellow taxpayers, government always finds a way to find money. Not by cutting expenses but by shifting money around to pay and screwing state employees for important budget expenses.

The budget minds used tobacco settlement reserve funds to fund a children’s insurance program and a bond premium and an $8.6 million debt payment.

They saved $5 million by delaying a raise for state workers until Jan. 1. They passed a $500 across-the-board raise. Markell had recommended a 1 percent raise beginning July 1.

Markell wanted to raise the gasoline tax by 10 cents per gallon because the highway trust fund was busted. Must not be too busted at they took $40 million earmarked for road and bridge improvements to balance the budget.

When our checkbooks say we don’t have any money left in the account, we stop spending, or most of us do. Not having enough money doesn’t deter government from spending; you just raise taxes.

Although businesses are struggling corporate franchise taxes were raised $100, raising $18 million to balance the budget.


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