Although I disagreed with many of the policies of the first George Bush administration, he did something, which at the time I thought stupid, but prevailed to prove him to be a man of common sense.

After he drove Sadum Hassam and his Presidential guard back to the Iraq borders, he withdrew American troops and stopped the short war. Many including myself wondered why he didn’t finish off the dictator.

When questioned, the senior Bush stated the way Iraq was divided by different regions, different people with different beliefs, had he taken over the government the country would revolt and have civil war.

Too bad his son, junior Bush didn’t heed dad’s advice, instead he, Chaney and Rumsfeld wanted to finish what senior Bush started. WRONG!!

after Obama cleaned up junior’s mess and restored “DEMOCRACY” to people who never knew what the word meant, today Obama announced he was sending in a small task force in an effort to restore order. Ain’t gonna happen bud.

Ike did the same in Viet Nam, starting with a small task force which escalated under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson.

When is this country going to learn you can’t force democracy or human rights on people who have lived under dictators and a inhumane society their entire life? This confirmation costs this country billions, and a debt we’ll never be able to repay, plus over 3000 loss of American lives, and thousands more maimed and will never have e normal life.

Mr. President stay out of this issue, we can’t win; worry about the problems in this country.


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