With the onslaught of younger immigrants coming into the country illegally and being placed in homes or shelters the cry’s have intensified “they are going to put a burden on society”, the same voices heard along the years as Mexicans cross the borders wanting a better life in the U.S.

This group of people have been accused or living off our government, including medical care, schooling for their kids and other benefits.

Yet I don’t hear the same criticism of those born in this country who are living off the government like generations of their families, parents, grandparents, great grandparents and even their siblings.

All I have to say about the Mexicans crossing our borders is they are mostly working, and working the dirtiest jobs that no lazy-assed welfare sucking American will touch.

They are taking jobs in agriculture, working the fields in hot miserable weather, processing plants. landscaping, another out door job working in all the elements, helpers in contractors businesses, and other non-menial jobs.

I’d rather supplement those who work, than those who choose not to.



  1. I don’t mind immigrants and feel the same way you do about immigrants doing the jobs that Americans feel are below them. But… Bypassing the process is wrong. What about those immigrants that have been legally trying to get in the country, some for years? Do they just get pushed to the back burner now? It’s not fair to them. Every immigrant must go through the legal process of naturalization.

  2. You do know that to immigrate to this country legally you will need to pass a medical exam and have all of the required vaccinations. Can you figure why TB is on the rise in schools, whooping cough is now a problem, chicken pox, bed bugs, lice, different strains of flu virus? How about the open border policy of this government? Schools had to let teachers go at the end of the last school year because no more race to the top money, who is going to fund the new ESL teachers? Who is going to fund the need for more jail space for the gang members and cartel members that are also entering? Once we allow the child here, they will complete the circle by allowing the parents to come, that is already being discussed.

    • Dy I can humor you on most of your post not necessarily agreeing that all the health symptoms we are having is the cause of immigration, but I will disagree with you statement indicating THIS government has had the most liberal immigration policy. You can go back to Reagan who first opened the doors, Bush who said immigrants should receive the same treatment as Americans, and the latest statistics showing less immigrants have come to this country under Obama.

  3. You misread this government as pointing finger at one political party or the other. By saying this government, I mean all of them, everyone of them, not one person excluded from any and all parties!!!!!!!!!!!

    You forgot Clinton who is just as guilty as the other ones you mentioned.

    One other thing, your latest statistics showing less immigrants have come is correct, that is, less Legal Immigrants have applied and have come. Do to this process takes so long because of country preference, visa classification, they raised the fees to apply also. I have insider information on the immigration issue.

  4. No the rules for illegals actually are, as you can watch tv and tell non enforced. But this has an effect on the people who are applying for visa to enter this country legally as an immigrant. The link below will show you the waiting time for someone trying to enter this country legally as an immigrant to join family members. http://travel.state.gov/content/visas/english/law-and-policy/bulletin/2014/visa-bulletin-for-august-2014.html. Unless you are the spouse or child of a USC or LPR the waiting time is years.

    The system is broken and has been broken for decades, the have made laws, well have put laws on the books, that we are not allowed to enforce, or an Immigration Judge, which is actually an Administrative Hearing Officer, decides that how are what they agree with in the Immigration Law and then follow that course. An immigration hearing before an immigration judge is not a criminal proceeding, but instead an administrative hearing.

    This is a subject that I can go on about for hours and write pages on the system.

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