Labor Day I received a recording from Delmarva Power asking me to preserve power this afternoon for a few hours, and I would receive a discount on my bill, but I’d have to be on their energy program which I am not, but of course if I do conserve energy during those peak hours my bill will go down anyway.

Either way, I’m not cutting back on my juice. The state’s k:Public Service Commission allows Delmarva to charge enough for power to cover their expenses and allow them a whopping profit margin. How many of us are guaranteed to make enough money to cover our expenses and have some left over?

Instead of using those profits by reinvesting, which they just received a slap on the wrist by the PCS for not upgrading enough they like many companies pay their CEO’s hefty salaries. Not that their employees aren’t well paid, they are, but why should I swelter in the heat for their benefit.

If we blow a grid and are without power the blame rest on Delmarva not the consumer for not cutting back.


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