Democrats, particularly Republicans have a lot to choose from in Tuesdays primary elections.

WE PREDICT THE FOLLOWING WINNERS, not necessarily my personal choices nor any endorsements; just saying.

DEMOCRATS-The most interesting race for Democrats in the county is for the 5th Councilmatic seat, now held by Republican Vance Phillips, pits two businessmen both seeking their first county office. Bob Wheatley, Laurel, and Brad Conner Dagsboro. Both have raised and spent an equal amount of money, and the race is tight with polls giving Wheatley a slight edge, but as in all primaries where the voter turn out is under 20%, who gets out the vote is the winner. We predict WHEATLEY. Democrats believe he has the best chance of winning against Phillips or his challenger.

STATE AUDITOR; Brenda Mayrack, former Democrat State Director backed by the state committee faces Ken Matlusky who lost a primary 4 years ago gathering around 40% of the vote; he is an auditor, Mayrack an attorney. Matlusky the better qualified, but the winner here is MAYRACK.

REPUBLICANS; 5th Councilmatic race finds incumbent Vance Phillips, Laurel, facing a challenge from Robert Arlett, Seaford. Vance brings a lot of baggage with him, pending litigation, and some other issues which have come forth during his terms in office, but he has name recognition, incumbency in his favor, and from what I have heard from some of his constituent’s, he does respond to their complaints and issues. His incumbency has allowed him to raise a lot of money, money he is saving for the general election should he win since his opponent has raised little money.

This win goes to PHILIPS by a wide margin unless the Tea Party supporters who don’t like Phillips’ anti-Sheriff stance toward the current sheriff don’t turn out in force against Vance.

SHERIFF Christopher has a huge following of Tea Party supporters who turn out to vote and those who are strictly anti-government who admire someone standing up to big government. Although the courts have ruled against Christopher and his stand for total law enforcement, his supporters don’t seem to mind spending $1 million dollars a year to support a police force and the taxes needed to support a full force, the sheriff keeps fighting for his cause.

Robert Lee lost the Civil War and he’s gonna lose this election to Christopher.


STATE TREASUER: REPUBLICAN Cheryl Valenzuela was once the upcoming shining light in the Republican Party in her run for Lt. Gov. two yeas ago, but her run fell short of expectations and she fell out of favor. Now seeking a lower office, she faces Ken Simpler backed with big names in his party and plenty of money. SIMPLER IS THE WINNER with the bulk of his win coming from NCCo.

U.S. Senate, KEVIN WADE WINS over Carl Smink.


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