One long time Republican, another a controversial one term elected official were both ousted by their party in Tuesdays Primary.

Vance Phillips seeking his 5th term as 5th District Councilman was upset by newcomer Robert Arlett, losing by 202 votes, 55%-49%.

Jeff Christopher who has challenged County Council on his constitutional right to have his sheriff’s office have enforcement and arrest powers, losing all of his court challenges, even though supported by the Tea Party of Sussex was also upset by former police officer Robert T. Lee losing by 21 votes, close enough for Christopher to ask for a recount. The percentage was 50.1-49.9 for Lee.

Robert Wheatley of Laurel easily defeated Dagsboro Mayor Brad Conner winning by 241 votes, 703-462. Wheatley garnered 60.3% of the vote , Connor 39.7.

Phillips has been embroiled in controversy as well as the sheriff, having a brawl with the sheriff, a court case involving family members, and an upcoming case involving charges brought forth by a female. He didn’t help himself crashing in on a local radio show that featured his opponent which led to an argument between Phillips and radio host Dan Gaffney, which led to several news articles not favoring Phillips.

Through all the trials and accusations Phillips always said he would be judged by the voters; tonight he was.

The Wheatley-Connor race was the most civil race of the evening. Both have known each other as friends for many years. The race had some controversy with Democrat Council Woman Joan Deaver endorsing Connor which prompted questions if she made a deal with Connor to support her for Council President should he and Shirley Price win in November.

In the other Sussex race, Republican Cindyh Green easily defeated her opponent Brian Butler 5527-4305.


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