Newspaper publisher Bryant Richardson upset longtime Democrat State Senator Bob Venables as Republicans in Sussex County swept all offices in Tuesday’s elections.

In  their rematch of two years ago when Richardson received 40% of the vote, he toppled the popular senator by 7%.

In the Republican wave in another rematch Representative John Atkins lost by 4 percent to Rich Collins.

In losing the Senate seat Democrats lost their super majority in the state Senate making it more difficult to control the fate of spending bills.

Richardson who didn’t have the total support of the Republican leadership in his district successfully painted Venables, who is proud of his conservative record, as a spender. Venables who is in his early 80’s had age going against him and that he had said his last run would be just that, his last.

It was no surprise during an election wave that all county offices went to Republicans.

House Republicans picked up two seats.

The overwhelming Democrat majority in Sussex County was not strong enough to pick up all of the state ticket, winning the U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress and the AG seat, but losing the Treasurers seat, and were not able to topple longtime Auditor Tom Wagner.


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