Senator Bob Venables loss to Morning Star Publisher Bryant Richardson was more than an upset.

Venables holds the money purse for projects as chairman of the State’s Bond Committee. With that position he was able to fund many projects in Sussex County not affordable by many.

He helped fund the Western Sussex Boy’s and Girls Club, helped bail out the ailing Nanticoke Hospital, saved the 1921 structure of the former Laurel High School, a new roof for the Ross Mansion, helped the Nanticoke Yatch Club and many more project for towns in Sussex County.

His seat will now go to northern Democrats as did the President Pro-Tempore seat held by the late Thurman Adams. Adams was able to move legislation for Sussex County and also provide spending.

Although Republicans control Sussex County in both Houses, they are still without power.

If the governor’s race changes in two years Sussex Republicans will be in good position to take leadership positions.



  1. Venables loss is a blow to all of us in Sussex county. The only Democrat I ever voted for time and time again. In talking with a fellow business owner that day I asked if he voted for Mr. Venables to which he responded “Was he a Democrat? If he was a Democrat I didn’t vote for him.” That kind of willful ignorance is saddening and exists in an alarming majority.

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