Delaware’s Constitution does not allow for the appointment or special election if their is a vacancy in the Lt. Governor’s office.

Governor Jack Markell is rumored wanting to petition the courts to see if he can be allowed to appoint someone to that position.

Word on the street is he would appoint House Speaker Pete Schwartzkoff, D-Rehoboth. Not that Pete is not qualified but that is the only leadership position we have in Sussex County. His position will certainly  go to New Castle County since the majorities in Kent and Sussex Counties are Republicans.

His position would become vacant causing a special election. Traditionally Democrats don’t do well in special elections.

I have a better idea; Robert Venables of Laurel who was just defeated for his State Senate seat. Their is no better  qualified person; integrity, honesty, knows all the senators, and would work for the people. All of that may not qualify him for that position; that too will probably go to one of the governor’s cronies. 

This idea is not mine; it is being circulation on a non-partisan basis with Republicans leading the drive.

What do you think?


10 thoughts on “VENABLES FOR LT. GOVERNOR?

  1. I think Bob Venables would be great ! I trust very few in politics anymore ; but I if know they are honest D or R – I will support them or their appointment to a position . I don’t know Pete that well ; so I can’t say either way – BUT YES to Bob.

  2. Not a chance. Bob does not follow party line politics, instead voting his conscious and constituent needs (imagine such a thing in today’s society). Markell needs another stooge willing to sacrifice their dignity and morality on the alter of partisanship. Plenty of them floating around Dover. Bob was never one of them.

    • The Lt. Governor presides over the Senate and can vote in the event of a tie. I have to disagree with your statement. The flow chart to succeed the governor in Delaware is not the same as the U.S. Congress. Their is no procedure in Delaware to follow the governor to my knowledge.

  3. Yes frank your right. The arrogance of a man supporting his constituents rather than party. That’s the problem with Delaware. We need more honorable people like senator Venables but to get that people will have to start educating theirselves and get off their butts and vote.

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