The youth of today, black and white should take a page out of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King who preferred to turn the other cheek in order to prove his point.

He was against violence although his peaceful protest was often met with violence from white supremacists in the south.

Those peaceful marches marred by violence from the anti-hate groups provided more support from others toward Dr. King’s efforts for equality.  He was he not Jessie Jackson or any other black leader since which brought the successful movement for civil rights.

Dr. King must be turning over in his grave to see the efforts he gave his life for has turned into an embarrassment for his movement.

I am not black, so I don’t know the hatred that must be in the minds and hearts of the young who still after all of the years feel rioting is the only way to show their emotions. Any jury case can be debated either way with neither side feeling victory.

Unfortunately most of these killings have occurred in the deep south where segregation has not settled in with many minds, thus the black population must feel the deck is stacked against them.

But having a riot as an excuse to loot and set fire to innocent business people and landlords is inexcusable. Each time this happens the Civil Rights Movement takes two steps back. They would have more sympathy if their protest followed in the steps of Dr. King.


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