Anyone who has been following the Bulldogs this exciting season has heard of our two great running backs and tight ends, Chuckie Auguste , Jarret Johnson and Reggie Green but little has been said or written about the skipper, senior Quarterback Alan Lubiniecki.

You read of the passes for touchdowns, and the successful touchdown runs, but the guy who is tossing that pig skin and handing off the ball is Lubiniecki.

So hats off to Alan for guiding our team to a great season, and to the other unsung hero’s, the lineman who open the holes for those great runs, and the defensive guys who held their ground when it counted.

All of you have come a long way and deserve the respect of your community. Last year the offensive line couldn’t open a hole and the defense couldn’t penetrate the opposing line. You are a team with heart and you never gave up.

A salute to coach Phillips; his dream to coach his Alma Mater, his desire to win. He too has come a long way.


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