I’ve heard the expression for a business not  being “Customer friendly”, a town not being “Business friendly, but a term popping up with the new generation I don’t understand.

What does it mean when a home is not “Child friendly” to visitors?  Does it mean the visiting kids are not allowed to run around the house, pick up everything in site, talk while others are trying to talk or are just a pain in the butt?

We had none of this growing up nor did my wife and I tolerate it with our kids or grandkids. As a child I was told to be seated when we visited something that was passed on when we raised our children.

Grand parents I understand are the target of this new phrase, I guess because over they years they have valuable collectables they like to display and they are use to peace and quiet not a band of ninja’s running around.

I understand kids today are loaded with sugar which gives them unbounded energy to jump on furniture, speak loudly and run around, but where are the parents during all of this?  Have families lost control of their children at this early age?

If they can’t control them now, thinking ‘how cute’ they are acting up, how do they expect to discipline them when they are older?

Anyone is welcomed to my home, all I ask for in return is respect for me and my home. Is that asking too much?


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