Forty-three years this Christmas Eve my late wife went into labor with our first child, her third. My late brother and I after dinner with mom and day played Santa Claus so the kids could have Christmas Early and their mom could watch.

Around 6 p.m. we left for the hospital.

While my wife was in labor I was looking out the window, and trying to take her mind off her labor pains I saw the largest and brightest star I had ever seen; I understand our priest remarked about it the next morning.

Relaying the info about the bright star sure this would help ease my wife pain, her comments to me about the star were not flattering. Those of you who recall my wife would understand.

I kept falling asleep so my wife sent me home to rest, with assurances from the nurses I would receive a call when it was delivery time.

Around 8:15 in the morning the phone rang; it was the hospital, they were taking her into the delivery room.

A little after 9 Dr. Dan Alvarez came into the waiting room and said, “You have a little Angela Marie”. I got to see she and her mom as they wheeled her out of the delivery room an she remarked, “Doesn’t she have beautiful hair”? Well, I had never seen a baby just delivered, red, wrinkled, smashed hair and I thought my fears had arrived, I had made a monster!

But once everything ironed out we did have a beautiful daughter and still is today.

Happy Birthday Angie. Thanks for all the joy you have brought me and your mom. Merry Christmas Too!!


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