A meter installer rang my door bell today from Delmarva Power asking permission to install a “Smart Meter” so that his company could control the demand of my house hold use during peak times in the summer and winter when demand is more than what the company can supply.

The Delaware Co-Op started this a few years ago. The deal is in exchange for the utility company to install the new meter, I can save a few bucks a month, while the utility companies pocket the savings and hand out large bonuses to top management.

I refused. I worked most of my 76 years, sometimes long hours, week-ends to be able to afford a comfortable retirement. When I am too cold, I want to be warm; when I want to be cool, I don’t want to sweat; did enough of that in my lifetime.

We keep our temperatures at a reasonable level, not too high in the winter, not too low in the summer. It’s my home, as long as I’m footing the bill I will be in control of my thermostat.

Before I moved to my new home I converted my heat and air to natural gas, including my water heater. I did the same when I moved.

Delmarva Power is allowed to make a certain amount of profit by the Public Service Commission after expenses. They are suppose to use some of this money to improve their services. I would think preparing for peak demands and having the power available would be a better deal for their customers than a new meter.

According to my electric bill my usage is below the average of most consumers. So, what is the problem with me keeping the same meter?


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