A sore point with me when I worked for the State of Delaware were the number of people working full-time but did not have full-time benefits; they were called seasonal employees even though they worked a full week doing the same work beside someone getting full-time benefits.

The reasoning of course was to save money. Yet when the Economic Development Department gave incentive monies to companies wanting to relocate or stay in the state they demanded a decent wage and benefits be given to their employees; a double standard.

Business are doing the same except they hire employees below the 35 hours which determine a full-time employee, short hours no benefits.

Now President Obama has signed into law which requires all businesses and I hope state governments to give the same leave, medical, or pregnancy, doctor appointments to part-time employees.

I know the question which is outstanding; who is paying for this? The employee of course, the states are getting some compensation to come up with their own program whatever that means.

Costly yes, fair, yes!



  1. Fair to who? Business owners who are forced to deal with increased costs and regulations? Consumers who continue to see prices rise? Educated employees who have paid there dues to get full time employment? Unions who are consistently loosing their appeal as a provider of benefits for labor?

    Feel good laws like these, similar to minimum wage laws, simply further marginalize the bottom end of the labor pool, increase unemployment and create more government dependency. Looks good on paper for those who pass it though. Which, of course, is the only reason these things happen anyway.

    And states don’t get “some compensation” for anything. Governments produce nothing. They’re only income is that which that take from others at the point of a gun. An increase in benefits to government employees comes from reducing cost (cutting number of employees), increasing revenue (raising taxes) or borrowing money (further indebting us all).

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