I’ve been watching the Monday Morning Quarterbacks on ESPN this morning questioning the decision of Seattle head coach Pete Carroll or his offensive coordinator calling for a pass with the ball on the 1 yard line with a minute to play and the go ahead touchdown almost a sure bet.

Instead of giving the ball to the best running back in the NFL Seattle quarterback throws an interception which was intercepted and the Patriots ran out the clock.

Had the pass been caught Carroll would have been labeled a genius because surely everyone expected a run by running back Morshawn Lynch. Had it not been for rookie Malcolm Butler who was working at Popeyes two years ago, stepped behind and intercepted the pass.

Certainly legendary coach Vince Lombardi would have sent one of his running backs though the line and dared his lineman not to open a hole large enough for his back to coast through, but this is another time when coaches play mind games with the opposing team.

Nothing was said when Tom Brady threw a 3-yard touchdown pass because the play worked. What if the play failed and they had to settle for a field goal?

It was a great game played by two great teams; someone had to lose.


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