Governor Jack Markell’s proposal to cut a tax break for older property owners was dead on arrival as soon as he made the request during his budget speech.

Out cries from seniors and legislators who I am sure were bombarded with calls from seniors wanted nothing to do with the proposal.

We seniors must understand their are more of us then their is of them, but we must also realize the senior growth is costing more with those tax breaks, money that could be going to our needed school system.

On the other hand many seniors who did not have the income when they were working to put aside for retirement; many who had to refinance their homes and have mortgages need that $250 tax cut; and their are many who can afford to pay the extra $250 without hurting their life style.

So why not a sliding scale based on income? It will still cost the state money. The governor has kept the budget increases at a minimum but some increases cannot be controlled.

For example, 25 percent of Delawareans have turned to Medicaid and more than 50 percent since 2010. The costs of education, pensions and personnel have all increased during that same period. Utility cost, fuel, insurance just keep going up.

Taxes won’t go away, they will increase without any new programs, but don’t just look down for that money from the middle class, look up at those who can afford a little more of the burden.


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