I have read two articles in the past week of an experimental drug to prevent aging. An experiential mouse, God bless these rodents, called Mouse UT2598 has been taking a compound call rapamycin, appears to slow aging and the damage it can do, at least to certain cells.

Mouse UT shows his liver and heart function as if they were far younger, and his tendons have more spring and flexibility than they should at his age.

There’s also less evidence of tumors in his organs than is considered normal, so he cold be spared the effects of cancer for quite a while longer.

Placed along side or other mice his age, and the contrasts is unmistakable.

Like many inventions this drug came from testing for another use. How long it will take before the drug is tested on humans one can only guess, and then if successful testing my the FDA before it can be marketed. A good thing is rapamycin works no matter how old you are.

The downside is how much will this drug costs, covered by insurance, and can they make enough of it?


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