Give it up Governor Markell, the Federal Governments educational Race To the Top is a failure and needs to be replaced with common sense education called, “Think out of the Box”.

The Industrial Revolutions and the greatest inventions have come from Americans who experimented, failed and tried again, not from men who were programed to take state tests and not think for themselves.

Besides like most Federal programs too much of Race to the Top’s millions have gone to state bureaucracy
and too little has actually helped teachers in classrooms.

Delaware was one of the first states to win Race to the Top money from the U.S. Department of Education , and received about $119 million for a host of educational initiatives.

The grant will soon expire and now DOE wants the already financially strapped state to kick in $7.5 million to keep the program going.

Maybe if we saw some results, but test scores are not much different than when the program began. Kids have become trained puppets knowing nothing more than what is on the state tests.

Time to move on Governor and go back to the basics of education; writing, reading and arithmetic. And add some programs for teaching respect and discipline.



  1. race to the top, nclb, and any other government formulated program have done more to increase administrative roles and salaries, fatten the pockets of “educational ” companies, increase the paper workload of teachers, and put outrageous demands on students than anything else. wouldn’t it be nice if we could tell them to shove their money, leave teachers alone, and let them do the job they have been trained to do?

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