I’m getting fed up with the many self proclaimed Christians who don’t know squat about Christianity.

I have been writing a series of columns for the STAR regarding my dads efforts to become a member of his community after coming to Laurel in 1934 and the obstacles he had to over come.

First he was an Italian Immigrant with a thick accent in a predominately white American community; strike number one.

And he was a Catholic in a predominately Methodist community where Catholics at that time were devils with horns; strike number two.

He even endured a brick thrown through his store window with a ‘get out of town’ note attached to it like in the old Western movies.

He over came all of that prejudice and became a successful businessman and community member.

This is 2015, 79 years after my dad settled in Laurel; you’d think people would be better educated. Well apparently not.

A TV anchor doing the news Wednesday evening bore a black cross on her forehead, ashes celebrating Ash Wednesday, a day of fasting, the first day of Lent in Western Christianity.

The next morning, like ground hogs who pop out of the ground not having a clue what is going on, so-called “Christians” on the popular morning talk show where idiots show their ignorance, made un-Christian remarks regarding her ashes, and proceeded to give their knowledge of what a ‘true’ Christian is.

Derogative remarks reminding me of 1934 were made of the Catholic faith. Some idiots proclaimed if you were a Catholic you were not a Christian. Apparently even the host of the show didn’t know because he made no attempt to correct the idiots.

For my idiot Christians who proclaim to know all, the Catholic Church was one of the first religions to be recognized as a Christians when such information was recorded in the New Testament 30 AD.

And to those idiots, try letting the motor in your brain, if you have one, start before the motor in your mouth.



  1. Frank, I whole-heartedly agree with you about Christianity. Worst part is, it is world-wide now and beheadings are happening to Christians in case some of your readers are unaware of current events. It is great to see a Liberal defending Christianity. That is rather rare today as it is not the politically correct thing to do. I would have had ashes on my forehead as a Methodist, but the weather forced our church to cancel the service. Looking out for the elderly is important also, as they likely would have tried to attend such an important service. I was sad to miss it. Its’ meaning is quite significant to all Christians. Thank you!

  2. i’m not convinced that Christianity is either liberal or conservative. at least, i hope not. but i do think the threat on Christianity in this country at this time has less to do with being a liberal or conservative and more to do with the impetus and values of another faith. I’m proof that a Christian can also be a liberal, but i don’t think we have one of those in office at this time. i also think that fact has had a huge role in any decline of Christian values our country was conceived on. we, as Christians, have to fight fire with fire, be steadfast and reach out to those that need to know the love of Jesus, who certainly showed liberalism at its best.

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