The Laurel School Board recently passed a resolution relieving John Ewald of Superintendent responsibilities effective March. His remaining contract time which expires at the end of the school year will be bought out by the district.

Current principal at Delmar High School, and local graduate Shaw Larrimore has been hired to replace Ewald. He will begin working part time while fulfilling the remainder of his Delmar contract and is already assuming some responsibilities.

Effective July 1, 2015, Ashley Giska, currently the Delmar H.S. principal, will become Laurel’s assistant Superintendent.

Effective March 2, two administrators will be relocated into different schools.

One administrators contractor was not renewed her contract remains through June 30, 2016.

Since the new Superintendent’s position was not advertised the question if often asked if it is a state requirement to advertise. The board put the question to their attorney who advised the board there is not a code section nor rule or regulation that requires any Delaware board of education to advertise for a superintendent position. It is the boards decision whether to advertise.

Larrimore is not being paid by the Laurel District for the time he is spending after his school hours at Delmar for working in the Laurel system until he comes on full time. He is working daily with administrators and has reduced the number of people working in the administrative office, and is currently working on a new organization chart to reduce duplication of administrators and in come areas putting a single person overseeing two areas of supervision to cut costs. Maybe some of the extra money can be used to hire more teachers or purchase more supplies for the teachers.



  1. Frank, how did you get the Ashley’s name, its not on the board mins and was not released? does someone on the board have a big mouth?????

    Also, how can they just appoint people like this, you are usually all over this type of thing, have you gone soft??? Or does your relationship with Shawn not allow you to question?

    • My sources are confidential and none of your business. What do you mean by your second question. You know something about his qualifications the board didn’t know? I would treat your appointment the same as Shawn’s or anyone else’s. Even idiots have a chance to prove they can do the job.

  2. and you I guess buy your reply that means someone on the board does have a big mouth and you will not question this because your are friends with these new hires. gotcha

    • Have you ever read where someone “familiar with the issue, an informant, spoke but wouldn’t give their name because it hadn’t been announced”. Which means someone outside the doors received the information from an insider?

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