Dear GOP in Congress. I know you don’t like the president. Wait, let me rephrase that. I know you hate the president. He’s beaten you twice, but get over it, don’t punish America because of your hatred.

You’re holding immigration over his head because he made an executive decision to keep immigrant families living in American with American born parents or children from staying in this country and you are willing to tear apart these families because he signed an executive order?

Dear GOP, did you complain when Presidents, IKE, Reagan, Bush, G.W. Bush did the same thing by giving animosity to immigrants? Did you try to shut down the government during their administration?

Statistics show allowing these American born immigrant families amnesty as other Republican presidents did will fuel the economy by allowing them to come out of their shadow and be productive, working better jobs, and starting their own businesses.

God forbid if the GOP had acted this way when my illegal immigrant dad came to this country, where would I be today?

Have you ever tried to pass an immigration bill? One had passed the Senate when the Democrats were in control. Now you are in control. Pass a bi-partisan bill and the president will sign it.

You are willing to lay off 30,000 American workers and put another 100,000 working without pay. You work for nothing and try to pay your mortgage, a car, send your kids to college and buy food. See how you like it. You all say how much you love God and Country; well, protect us.

Homeland Security also includes DEMA. What are you going to do if their is a major disaster in this country? Oh I know, blame Obama for his lack of response time. You are so good at shifting the blame to the president.

Dear GOP; let’s stop the spiting, the hatred, and get on with business for all Americans not just your selfish interest.


6 thoughts on “DEAR GOP IN CONGRESS

  1. Sorry, no sympathy. Pass an immigration bill or forget about it. Presidents should not be executing unilateral action without Congressional or any other approval related in any way to the will of the people. Its almost laughable, but we are supposed to have SOME representation in DC

  2. What about all the people that have been waiting and trying to do it legally? Family members have been waiting for 10 plus years to get a Visa to come here legally. So you endorse breaking the law to get what you want quicker and easier. Like your President who cares less about the constitution or the current laws of this country. Do you realize the increase in measles, TB and other diseases have increased in schools because these kids are not required to have medical records when they are enrolled in school. I included a link for the Visa page, this shows you the numbers.

  3. Dy that argument about the waiting list is old and dried up. What about the 5 million who have busted their butts doing the dirty jobs Americans don’t want to do and doing it for peanuts?
    I’d like some examples where the president has harmed this country with his abuse of the constitution or ‘current laws’. You didn’t mention that 4 Republican presidents used executive orders to ease immigrant deportation?
    And forgive me for laughing about your health issues. I’m sure one of those poor immigrants found enough money to attend the Disney Park to spread measles and they were the reason someone in Montana contacted the measles.
    You Conservatives just don’t care for minorities or those without do you?

  4. The argument for the Visa have dried up, then tell the families that are waiting for them that, you wouldn’t. 5 million, REALLY, if you believe the number is that low. As of July last year 290,ooo had entered the US, do the math and not liberal math. The number is closer to 20 million, easing deportation is different from blanket amnesty. I am not arguing the system is not broke, I have worked in it for over 20 years.

    Check the CDC for the influx of TB, measles, small pox and Whooping Cough along the southern border and schools where a large number of these kids have been placed with no medical screening. By the way the measles outbreak at Disney has been linked to a type that comes from the Philippines.

    And your last comment again proves that you are a Racist and Bigot. Minorities who can think for their selves are conservatives.

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