The U.S. Military is working on an experiment to see if women can keep up with men in combat. They are doing everything expected of a man, lift, climb, carry heavy back packs, load heavy ammo, the works.

Now, I’m not sexist; I believe in equal rights for women, equal pay, their right to choose, but I don’t think I want a woman in combat with me. Surely they would give their all, but their bone structure is not that of a man’s; even if they can lift what a man can there is one big difference in a woman vs a man.

Emotions; a woman thinks differently than a man. Their motives in life, how they react to even killing a fly, their sensitivity, their reaction to danger to be is munch different from a man’s; just my opinion.

What’s your opinion on the subject?



  1. Maybe fifty or even 25 years ago you would be correct, but now? I’m not so sure. With each generation, women’s roles, attitudes and abilities are changing. There have been studies about the differences women bring into companys’ leadership and the boardrooms of the world. There is better cooperation, team building and strategic thinking.
    How could that not benefit combat? There is little hand to hand these days, and that is where (most) women would be at a huge disadvantage. But in the kind of wars we are waging today,other than spec ops, that is rare. If they’ve been given the same training, do you question their ability to aim well and pull the trigger? Don’t.

  2. I’d like to add that not all men are physically and/or emotionally cut out for combat. And, when it comes to situations that involve adrenaline and quick thinking, there isn’t much time for emotion. I agree with Lynda, especially in the sense that men and women aren’t being socialized into traditional and out dated gender roles the way they were in the past.

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