Remember the good old days when organizations raised money with beef/chicken dumpling dinners, barbeques, ice cream festivals, carnivals, circus, bake sales, etc? Most of that is gone now funding replaced by grants from the state of Delaware at the expense of the taxpayers.

These grants over the years have allowed many no-profits to forego fund raisers, satisfied to live off what the state granted them.

Faced with a $20 some million deficit the state has moved to cut these non-profits by 5% this year and faced with a $200 million deficit next year the cuts could be deeper.

The reaction from some of these agencies is as expected; they will cut back on the services they are currently providing. Instead of thinking of ways to replace the loss funding and cutting off aid to those in need, it appears it is easier to ‘punish’ those in need.

Americans are quick to knock those who receive compensation also known as welfare but are as quick to hold out their hands for assistance when it benefits their causes.



  1. A lot more people in need and a lot less money floating around out there for donations these days. Its all that recovery we’ve been getting.

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