A lot of people file bankruptcy, many families for one reason or another. The law provides this says Donald Trump. I have no problem although not happy with those who get in over their heads from their own foolish spending.

But when a person wants to become the President of the United States, brags about his wealth and has filed bankruptcy 4 times leaving thousands unemployed, venders who depend upon a check for their business to survive, leaving them in a larch, and screwing investors/stock holders, no he doesn’t have my vote.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump is crying the  blues this morning on the national news how he was mistreated by the female commentator panelist from last  evening’s presidential debate. I thought she asked the proper question.

How can you manage this country after filing bankruptcy 4 times”, she asked. I’m sure there are others who wanted to hear that answer, again the thought a  fair one.

I’ve always felt Trump was thinned skinned. He’s used to having people bow to him as people do to people who have money. Saying “No” to the Donald is a mortal sin and like committing suicide. It’s his way or the highway.

You have to be thick skin to be in politics, especially a President in this country where the voting public is pretty much 50-50. 

I’ve always felt Donald Trump was a jerk; last evening it was confirmed. I thought everyone on the panel was tossed tough questions; all except Trump took the heat like a professional.

A good give and take debate. The Republicans can take pride in their candidates, although I disagreed with a lot of their answers, they have my respect.



  1. Trump’s ascension is simply proof that the last two presidents have completely destroyed whatever remaining faith Americans had in the political process. The more the establishment pokes at him the more flies he will draw.

    I wouldn’t get too caught up in the illusion that you have any choice. As always, corporations and other monied interests will ultimately decide which candidates the public is allowed to choose from. They will ensure that whoever is elected, regardless of party, continues to do their bidding, to risk young men’s lives in their ongoing fight for global domination and to ensure their wealth continues to grow risk free. Those are the only real topics up for debate.

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