Unless he stumbles and falls flat on his face, Congressman John Carney should be the next governor of Delaware. With his past experience in Delaware government as finance director and Lt. Governor he understands the problems of our state and how the system works and what is wrong with the system.

Having served two terms as Delaware’s Congressman only adds to his resume.

Republicans have patiently waited to see who the Democrats would run for governor; State Senator Colin Bonini has announced his intentions to seek the governor’s nod from the Republicans. Knowing a little about the political system in Delaware and with the heavy Democrat registration in Wilmington and NCCo I’d say the Republicans will look no further and secretly concede Carney will be the next governor.

Bonini is a nice person but in all of his years in the Delaware Legislature he has not been aggressive; not showing up for committee meetings and introducing very little legislation.

His fame to himself is he has never voted for a state  budget always claiming cuts should be made; we agree, but he never offers any solutions as where budget cuts should be made.

Carney lost a primary for governor to Markell, an upset since Carney was the party’s choice. I doubt if John will make the same mistake again.

Delaware faces a $200,000 dollar shortfall in next years budget. It’s time for a fresh face. Carney is that face.



  1. Not exactly sure how “past experience in Delaware government as finance director and Lt. Governor” or “two terms as Delaware’s Congressman” can also be considered a fresh face. Ever consider that his past experience may instead make him part of the problem? How about we stop electing career politicians.

    • David when you hear what the opposing party has to offer, you’ll run to the polls for Carney. Carter was an outsider and knew squat about Washington; Trump and Dr. Carson would meet the same fate. Really you need someone who knows the system of how government functions. Only then can you make changes. John has worked with many of the legislators in both houses, both parties.

      • Our system of government operates on graft, corruption, lies and zero accountability. The higher up you go the worse it gets and both parties are complicit. Hillary is the latest leading example of one set of laws for them and another for us.

        Reelecting the same career politicians perpetuates the existing failed system. It is time for some fresh faces.

  2. Experiencing the last local election you should understand sometimes seniority is a good thing especially when you serve on or chair important committees, especially those who dole out money for needed projects in communities or who can swing legislation. Granted I have seen many who just warm a seat who should go. I had a wise legislator once defined term limits; People should vote them out if they aren’t doing their job. And former U.S. House Speaker Tip O’Neill; “We are the government we elect.”
    People won’t vote, so we live with what we have.

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