You’ve heard the expression, “Politicians make strange bedfellows”.  Many of you may not know some people run against someone of the same party not necessarily wanting that office but wanting another position or office.  Sometimes a deal is cut to get the other candidate off the ticket and the challenger gets ‘something’ in return.

I’m more convinced VP Joe Biden will enter the Democrat field for President, but not with expectations on winning. His timing is off by 6 months; too late now to raise money needed to enter the primary states; too late to put together an organization in the primary states, although Joe is gaining in the polls and support is swinging his way. Clinton has the money and can raise a lot more.

The Vice-President and the Clintons are pretty tight.

My thinking, my opinion only, is having Joe run will take away support from Bernie Sanders who is giving Hillary a headache, leading in some primary states.

Having Joe split Sanders vote would assure Clinton the Democrat nod and based on what the Republicans have to offer we might have another election as the last when Obama was the lesser of the two evils with Romney and make Clinton the next President of the United States.

In exchange for Joe being the spoiler for Sanders he would have cut a deal with Clinton for a cabinet post, maybe Secretary of State, which he always wanted, or an ambassador appointment to a country of Joe’s choice. I know it is illegal to offer positions before you are elected, but it is done all the time. How can you prove it?

Although Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill has given the ok for him to run, that is only dressing for the public. I don’t think either of them have ‘the fire in the belly’ to take on a run much less be in the White House.

To those non-political it may appear like I am blowing smoke; for the professional politician; they know this scenario can happen.



  1. In what world is Hillary the lesser of two evils? Of all the candidates running from any party, she if by far the most corrupt. Her entire campaign is an attempt to cover a decades high mountain of lies with a napkin. Are we really that apathetic?

    • we agree. i can’t imagine how this country cannot see her for what she is . somebody show me a track record of admiral things she has accomplished for the american people, and a comparable record of deceitful, manipulated lies she has tried to use to cover up. don’t think those scales would balance.

    • David like the entire slate of Republican candidates who tell us what is wrong with America but can’t come up with any solutions, you never told me what is of that slate better qualified than Hillary?

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