Bad news for opponents of Muslims especially Republican Presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson who says a Muslim should not be elected president, Americans think differently.

In a new USA/TODAY/Suffolk University Poll, Americans are divided. Although those polled don’t think it’s a realistic possibility, saying 53%-39% a Muslim couldn’t be elected but 49%-40% said they would vote for a qualified Muslim.

= By 53%-40% they would vote for a qualified Atheist. (Wonder what the Christian Right has to say about that?) Democrats are much more likely to say they would vote for a Muslin than Republicans; 63% compared with 26%

= By 93%-3%, they would vote for a qualified Catholic, a huge move since John Kennedy was nominated. Good news for Jeb Bush, Chris Christe, Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio, Republicans and Democrat Martin O’Malley.

= By 94%-4%, good news for females Clinton and Fiorina, they would vote for a qualified female. Only a small difference between Democrats and Republicans, 97% D’s to 92% for R’s.

And there are still some people who will only vote for a qualified candidate.



  1. I hope you aren’t surprised by any of these statistics; we are slanting more and more to the left than ever; so, this is not anything to be surprised about. As long as a politician offers “free rides”, the masses will vote for them and that’s about the size of it.
    Did you know the State of DE doubled copays for medication and doctors on September 1st. The Democratic Governor promised not to do that in early June, but once schools were out, the increase was authorized on the last day in session and made effective 9-1-15. Since retiring in 2013, two DE legislative sessions have passed us by and I have not seen any increase in my retirement paycheck; therefore, the increased health costs are actually a decrease in pay for those of us on fixed incomes. The left does not take care of those who work for a living; they never have and never will.
    In addition, on the Federal side; although, I have paid into Medicare since I was 13, my SS check went down when the $114.00 Medicare Insurance Payment came out of my check. While this is going on, there are able bodied people collecting full disability because there shoulder hurts on rainy days. Once they qualify for this “freebie”, they qualify for housing supplements, Medicade, etc.
    There is not justice and there should be no more free rides. WOW – is that a pipe dream or what?
    Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about this.

    • Wow Ralph, lol, I don’t know how to reply because nothing except your opening remarks related to my post about the polls. I can say I agree with your frustration; what you are saying is not a left or right issue, these issues have been going on for years from both parties. I have always said some of the programs you alluded to began as worthy programs, but somewhere along the line they got out of hand, and now we are stuck with them because no one has the balls to review and modify them.

      • Hi Frank,

        I did flip it just a bit; however, the tie in is that the working class people like you and me seem to receive the short end of the stick. Just like you, I will never collect what I paid into SS and Medicare. I understood that a long time ago and that is okay with me. I’d equate it to purchasing life insurance, but hoping it never matures so to speak. The point, in terms of going the other direction, is that politicians do not need to worry about our votes. If the working class splits their vote, the politician offering the biggest handout wins. There are enough liberal middle and upper class who actually believe government handouts to the poor help them; therefore, it becomes a feel good vote for them. On the other hand, if you have worked with the poor in a city ghetto, you learn quickly that “free” stuff does not help them.

        I also want to say that I always love it when you call me “Ralph”; he’s my best brother. Please don’t mention that to Ron.

        Enjoyed hearing from you Frank; great response to me!


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