Appears the Conservatives and Political Right of the Republican Party just can’t catch a break with their political agenda; first a recent poll said Americans would support a qualified Muslim for president.

Now another poll supports Planned Parenthood and funding despite all Republican candidates for president oppose funding for that group and a recent back door move to unfund  that group failing shows how much the Republican agenda is out of touch with the American voter.  

The thrust, misleading as it is, from Republicans, Pro-Life groups, and Conservatives is that abortions shouldn’t be paid with Federal money. Truth is, abortions may be performed by Planned Parenthood, but they are NOT paid with Federal money.

Planned Parenthood does much more; mostly educational and prevention among other programs for the health and welfare of women.

The poll conducted by USA TODAT/Suffolk University found Americans back government support for the group by more than 2-1.

Two-thirds of those surveyed, 65% say funding should continue for the group, which provided contraception’s, cancer screening and other health services to women: 29%  say it should be cut off; 6% undecided.

The poll was divided along party lines with 91% of Democrats supporting funding and 59% of Republicans wanting a shut down.

An even bigger majority opposes shutting down the government as a tactic to deny funds for the group by 73%-19%.


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