Nothing irks me more than seeing drivers with a damn phone to their ear knowing Delaware has a law banning cell phones while driving; like they are openly defiant of the law and don’t give a hoot.

During the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 Delaware police cracked down on this offense with a federally funded campaign to curb distracted driving along with a media campaign saying if a driver was found with a phone in one hand while driving their other hand would have a ticket.

Despite the push on phone use, there is still 127 phone call related crashes thus far this year. From driving, women seem to be the worst offenders using a cell phone, and men driving work vehicles, which may be related to work. But what did we do before cell phones; we waited until we found a phone booth or until we returned home.

I was a victim of an inattentive driver; I was stopped at a turn lane in Salisbury and this kid was coming from behind. I saw in my rear view mirror he was on the phone and not looking ahead. I never stop close to the car in front of me in the event I am rear ended.

I told my wife to hang tight, put my right arm across her body and prepared for the slam, which I received; not a good feeling. But I did not hit the vehicle in front of me. I never fail to look in my rear view mirror when stopped at a light.

I’m also appalled at the number of State Troopers I see on their cell phones. I know every call can’t be business related. Unless the call is an emergency from the troop headquarters, I would think the law applies to them also.


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