What are we nuts, our military is not allowed to bomb certain areas in Iraq and Syria because of civilians living in those areas in so called protective zones?

I would think if I was a terrorist that’s exactly where I would hide. I say if those ‘civilians’ are willing to put up with the extremists they are as guilty of the killings as the terrorists are.

It never bothered Harry Truman where the civilians were when he bombed Japan. He ended that war with two shots, bang it was over. Obama is a nice person, sympathetic to the welfare of people, but sometimes to carrying.

Mr. President we can’t have it both ways; be nice and have people crap over us.

This country sometimes is to extreme when it comes to human rights and not consistent. We stick out nose in almost every country without our type of democracy, yet allow China with their radical control over their population to go scott free and treat their people inhumane.

We’re playing with our butt if we pick and choose where to bomb our targets. We need an all out effort from our military to destroy street by street, civilians and terrorists.

Then their won’t be any questions whether we should put boots on the ground. If terrorists know this country means business only then will we have peace.

And another note, when we locate terrorists, no need for handcuffs; shoot and answer questions later. Behead a couple of their people and film it for the world to see.

I am not a radical person, but I do believe in an eye for an eye.



  1. I guess if we carpet bombed Laurel no one would rob Shore Stop again. Might kill a few innocent people, but hey, we got rid of the criminals. Of course, you might piss off a few locals who would want revenge, but hell, that’s just more targets. Bring it on.

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