Latest survey reveals the middle class in the United States is shrinking while the wealthy are getting wealthier.

The survey states the middle class has shrunk over a decade by 26 percent and now the wealthy and middle class are at 50% each.

This should come as no surprise to the working class as they struggle to stretch their pocketbook.

Middle class is defined as making $40,000 plus per year to $150,000. Many in Sussex County make far less, I guess defined as being in the poverty class.

While the middle class pay scale has been dormant, pay for executives and CEO’s has climbed from 200% to over 350% during the same period.

Something is wrong with this picture.



  1. As long as the left hand can keep us distracted, divided and fed, the right hand can do what it wants. Now shut up, CNN’s telling me about another bogey man I need to be afraid of , Kim’s not a new fashion tip and GM’s gonna give me an 8 year loan for that new car I can’t afford. This is ‘Murica dammit, we’re exceptional.

  2. So agree with David. My only ‘conspiracy theory’ theory is that education sucks in this country on purpose and wages have stagnated for a reason. If we’re uneducated and overworked, politics, government, and critical thinking are far less important than making ends meet and vegging out with mindlessness at the end of the day. Really, who has time for ‘that’ crap when you’re squeezing blood from a stone everyday.

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