As much as I loved seeing my two boys and grand children play football, after seeing the movie CONCUSSION, I would not encourage them to play the sport.

The NFL reminds me of my old Army Sgt who would say, “Take care of your M-1 rifle. We can replace you but it cost us to replace that rifle.”

Another words I was chopped liver, be damned my life, I was replaceable, but that rifle wasn’t.

The NFL resisted the findings of this doctor until one of their own in their executive office left a suicide note claiming the doctor was right in his findings did they half-ass begin their own probe.

The NFL is not alone. Players are expendable. They play to make money for the colleges, and professional sports. They are pampered as long as they can produce money for the league in which they play.

After their playing days are over they are just like I was in the Army.

Not until the football players sued did the NFL agree to compensate the players with brain damage, a drop in the bucket, only with the stipulation they were not at fault.

What little do they care the brain damage caused the players to lose their homes and family?



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