Can you imagine Donald Trump as President standing up to foreign leaders who oppose his policies when he can’t even stand up to questions from a female reporter?

The Don is gutless; he has always had it his way and that doesn’t happen in politics especially as President.

Today the press is praising his move to boycott the recent debate as having courage. Bull Shit. In my early days as a journalist reporters would have torn him a new butt. He screwed the American public by not being available to answer questions voters need to know of their next President.

Instead he choose to use our Veterans as a pawn to avoid the debate.

Trump has no balls, today’s media has no balls.

the hard questions the voters need to know of their next president.



  1. Not a Trump fan, but its refreshing to see the institutionalized political establishments and their media parrots in such an uproar. The financiers pulling the strings of our politicians are crapping their pants. We need more of this.

  2. Is it really a big deal? If you look at past elections, at least one candidate has missed a debate every election cycle. Some like Reagan and W. Bush went on to win the general election. It’s more for media show than anything.

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