Many Republicans changed their registration in the Iowa primary to vote for Bernie Sanders, the weakest of the two Democrats to almost give him an upset win in Iowa but not out of love or loyalty for him.

This how it works. In Delaware you can only vote in a primary you are registered with, Democrats voters for Democrats, Republicans for Republicans; Independents can’t vote for either.

In Iowa as late as Election Day you could change your registration.  I have a friend who formerly worked and lived in Delaware, now works and resides in Iowa. She worked the election yesterday.

On her FB page she stated many Republicans and Independents were changing their party affrication to Democrat to support Sanders not really for him but against Hillary Clinton.

Republicans don’t want Hillary Clinton as their opponent in the November Election. So you vote for Sanders who cannot win against any of the three top Republicans and hope he wins the delegates and goes on to be the Presidential nominee. Take away those votes and Hillary would have won by a larger margin. 

It’s an old political trick which has been used many times. And it almost worked. A loss would have been a disaster for the Clinton campaign.

A Sanders win would have given him great momentum in the next state New Hampshire where he trails Clinton by a large margin. A win yesterday would have meant $$$$ to his campaign.




  1. Or perhaps a significant segment of Democrats and independents simply do not like and trust Hillary. It seems like her base is establishment democrats and people voting on name recognition alone. It can’t be her policies since they change with the wind. The democrats and media have severely underestimated the electorates disdain for Hillary.

  2. So it is the Republicans fault that the race was so close, got love you democrats that will always spin it to the Republicans fault. Not that out of six coin flips she won all of them for the votes, odds of her winning all six coin flips are like her email server not containing classified info. It couldn’t be that people are waking up to the crap she has been feeding them and realize she is a LIAR!! Just another lawyer who is suspended from practicing law, since 2002.

  3. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the American political system today? For most, its corruption. Hillary is the very definition of what American’s are expecting in a politician. Blatant, outright corruption conducted in the light of day with no consequences. One law for them, another for everyone else. Sell yourself to Wall St while pandering to “everyday Americans”. You would think, somewhere along the lines, Democrats would stop blaming Republicans and start questioning their own sanity (not that most Republican candidates are any better).

  4. Just found this article about delegates, seems the Democrat party is controlled by the Super Delegates, so your vote doesn’t count.

    There are 4051 Democrat delegates, and 712 of those are superdelegates (or, those who are unpledged/unbound to any specific candidate, and who can vote for whoever they want, no matter what their home state popular vote says.) Those superdelegates include:

    1. All Democrat governors
    2. All Democrat senators
    3. All Democrat congressional representatives
    4. Some Democrat big city mayors and state lawmakers
    5. All former Democrat presidents, vice presidents, US Senate leaders, and speakers of the House
    6. President Obama
    7. All members of the DNC.

    Quite a list, huh? What that means, essentially, is that the people listed above wield far more power than regular, normal people in the election process. So when you hear Democrats say that every vote counts, you need to remember that some votes count far more than others. Real democratic, huh?

    Now, on the GOP side, things work differently, and far more democratically.

    Republicans have 2472 delegates, 168 of which are superdelegates, and those 168 people are RNC members. However, they are NOT allowed to vote for whoever they want at the convention. They can only support whoever their state supports, which means that they’re really not “super” at all. They’re just delegates.

    Pretty interesting, isn’t it? That the GOP delegates will be voting according to the will of the people, whereas the Democrat delegates will simply vote according to their own, personal selfish interests?

    Their side is majorly rigged. And Sanders supporters are right to be pissed off. If he continues to win primaries, and is the clear popular choice, it may not matter at all. The will of the people be damned. There are 712 people who will decide for them, because they know what’s best. This is the party who claims to be for the little guy. The one who touts its diversity and inclusion. The one who insists Voter ID laws cause disenfranchisement.


    Just remember, Democrat voters – when you vote for your elected officials, you’re giving away your own power to them.

    Nice party you got there, Dems. Your elitism is showing.

    • Dy in my years of being involved in the Democratic Party, super and regular delegates normally vote the way the primary results go; super delegates do have more leeway. Jimmy Carter set up the current process when he was running for president. Appears to have worked.

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