Buzz around town if the more up coming Laurel Bulldogs black uniforms will be a thing of the past and it’s about time.

Laurel’s sports uniforms have been brown and gold, and maroon and white for generations. Red and White took over when then coach Bill Pugh took over the reigns in football.

During the mid nineties black began  as a part of the red and white uniforms; Laurel’s high school basketball uniforms, black, alternate with white or red uniforms. The football team I understand this year had a set of black uniforms.

You could also purchase a school jacket in black. A new comer could easily be confused what the school colors really are!

The new policy I understand prohibits black being the dominate color for uniforms and the colors red and white must dominate. Letters can be out lined in black.

Whoever had the courage to finally stand up and make a uniform policy, my hat is off to you.



  1. The football team (did not) have black uniforms, but the band has new uniforms with black pants that were approved by the same people that said no black in uniforms. The black basketball uniforms (alternate) were purchased along with the red (away) and white (home) uniforms, shooting shirts and travel suits for both Varsity and JV boys teams from fundraising done by the coaching staff the last four years, with no cost to the school district or the taxpayers of Laurel.

    • I don’t give a hoot the attire was paid by private funds. They were never authorized by the administration which in the past had no leadership. With the new superintendent who manages his team, the dominate colors will be the school colors, red and white. Coaches should not made the decisions regarding school colors; their are so many different versions an outsider could wonder just what the school colors are.

    • My former wife and I approached a former AD who first brought in black as a color. We were like you John, very much opposed to black. His answer was; this is what the kids wanted. Since when do students have a right to change the school colors? I am led to believe the new superintendent is behind the new policy.

  2. Its abpout the kids when they all go to tech!! you better try to keep laurel kids anyway you can. you have a brand new school and no one to put in it!!! get with the times you bunch of old farts!!!!

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