The outsourcing of the popular all-American cookie Oreos says it all about American jobs going out of the country.

Geez, we can’t even make cookies in this country; what is next milk, after all the two do go together.

Although I wouldn’t rate making cookies a high profile manufacturing job, 600 jobs lost is a job for someone.



9 thoughts on “WHAT’S NEXT MILK?

  1. Nabisco announce this last July at their shareholders meeting. Main reason not to reinvest into Chicago community is because their (Chicago) and your beloved leader has made the leading ingredient in Oreos which is sugar, pay twice the average world prices for sugar because U.S. trade barriers.

  2. According to Wikipedia, having the third highest corporation tax in the world does not help. But that is a Democrat thing, raising cost, not lowering it.

    • Reagan’s Tax Reform Act of 1986 cut the top corporate rate to 34%, but eliminated many deductions, making it effectively a tax increase on corporations. Clinton raised the rate to 35% in 1993. Its an easy tax for both parties since no one can really agree on who pays it (owners, customers or workers). Doubtful that with our chronic debt problems taxes of any kind will be going down.

  3. Hard to do with Democrat lead Congress. Speaking of milk, PETA recently demonstrated at a dairy farm with one sign that read, “Don’t kill cows for milk”. Seriously ?

      • “Who holds the cards in Congress now?”

        Answer – The large corporations and high wealth individuals who pay for elections.

        Corporate taxes are no issue for large multinational corporations who collect revenues in tax havens, but hinder their smaller competitors. If the large corporations and wealthy individuals who buy elections wanted to reduce the costs for smaller corporations, it would have been done long ago.

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