During the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton mentioned Donald Trump has paid no income tax on his profits in two decades.

Trump who has declined to release any of his tax returns says not paying taxes makes him smart.

For the rest of us who pay income taxes, does that leave us as idiots? No, not really.  Trump and other millionaires have the advantage of a low tax rate and many loop holes the average working class American doesn’t have the income to take advantage of.

In addition they have the money to hire the best tax attorneys.

Trumps story underscores the unfairness of the economic system. While the rich are getting richer, and most other people are getting poorer.

Billionaires like Trump are able to manipulate the tax system so they avoid paying federal income tax.

Democrats for years have been trying to raise taxes on the rich; the argument against raising taxes is it would hurt the economy; the wealthy create jobs. Yea, overseas.

President  Bill Clinton raised taxes on the wealthy which resulted in a robust economy. Republicans lowered the tax rate during the Bush administration. Hillary has proposed raising the tax again on the wealthy.

Trump says he can’t release his taxes because he is under audit; not so says the IRS, his tax preparers and Trump himself have copies of his tax returns.

His tax return shows that he may have used business losses of nearly $1 billion to avoid paying federal income taxes for nearly two decades.

His co-harts, former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani who has prostituted himself this election following Trump all over the country called Trump, “A genius” as how to take advantage of legal remedies that can help your company survive and grow.

Governor Christie of NJ echoed the same sentiments.




  1. Hillary Clinton deducted 1,042,ooo in contributions from her taxes in 2014. A 1,000,000 of those contributions were made to the Clinton Foundation. She cut her tax bill by 1,000,000 by donating to herself. They are all crooks.

  2. Here’s a list of top Democrats who have avoided paying taxes …

    Tim Geithner

    Geithner is infamous for his support and handling of the 2008 Wall Street bailouts and for supporting massive tax increases as the Bush Tax Cuts expired.

    Geithner failed to pay more than $34,000 in federal taxes.

    Charlie Rangel

    In the spring of this campaign season, Clinton met in Harlem with Rangel (D-NY) whom she referred to as “my long-time friend, the person I give credit to for starting me on this journey.”

    Rangel earned $75,000 in income from a three-bedroom villa that he owned, but he didn’t report any rental income to the IRS, and paid $0 in tax by doing so. At the time Rangel was cheating on his taxes, he also chaired the House Ways and Means Committee – the congressional body that writes the nation’s tax code.

    Rangel was censured by his peers, the harshest form of punishment short of expulsion from Congress.

    Claire McCaskell

    Although not the closest of friends, McCaskill (D-MO) did support Hillary by endorsing her 2016 campaign three years early.

    In 2011, McCaskell was forced to sell her private plane and pay back $287,273 for four years of back taxes.

    Tom Daschle

    Daschle, the former senator from South Dakota, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, saying she “has dedicated her life to fighting for the right of every American family to find opportunity, success and security.”

    He apparently has a different vision on how to create a path to opportunity and success – not paying taxes.

    Daschle was chosen by President Obama to head Health and Human Services in 2008, but had his name withdrawn when it was discovered he had neglected to pay $128,203 in taxes three years prior.

    John Kerry

    Hillary’s successor and current Secretary of State John Kerry was caught docking his 76-foot yacht in Rhode Island instead of his home state of Massachussettes, thus avoiding the $500,000 or so in excise taxes he’d have to pay by doing so.


    This is a short list of course. The Obama administration was plagued with more Clinton allies who were seemingly caught on a weekly basis avoiding taxes. In 2010, the Los Angeles Times compiled a list of 41 White House aides who had failed to pay nearly $1 million in back taxes. It’s safe to say many of those people were and still are Hillary supporters.

    Here’s the kicker, however. Not only is Hillary supported by tax cheats galore, but her campaign itself has openly admitted to using the same tax avoidance methods that Trump used in 1995. Zerohedge reported that “Hillary Clinton – like many ‘wealthy’ individuals (took) advantage of a legal scheme to use historical losses to avoid paying current taxes” in her 2015 return.

  3. The rich fund elections. Elections keep corrupt politicians in office. Corrupt politicians in office create tax loopholes for the rich. The rich fund elections.

    Try as you might, this is not a blue/red story and has nothing to do with Trump. Business owners of all sizes, shapes and colors carry net operating losses forward every year. Its not a crime, its not a moral misjudgement, its not a political point. Its just business.

  4. The Clinton Foundation was recently ordered to refile 3 years of tax reports because they failed to disclosed all the foreign donors. Also, they had been told to stop receiving donations from foreign governments while she was Secretary of State, which they did not. According to the Daily Caller and the IRS, the Foundation only give 5.7 % to charitable organizations. Don’t say they are two separate things, Where do you think the rest of the money when?

  5. Dy never have denied this. Again my column pointed out the unfairness of the tax code. I too would use the loop holes if I were wealthy. My point, Trump wants to lower the rich tax rate, Hillary wants to raise the tax rate for the wealthy. Will Hillary work with Wall Street, absolutely as would Trump. Wall Street controls the economy, but with Hillary I feel some crumbs will fall to the working class. Donald is all about himself. After the video yesterday of Trumps sexiest remarks, I think the Fat Lady has sung for Trump. Have a nice day.

  6. Hey Frank, remember in 2008 and 2012 when the deplorable Republicans rioted and beat innocent democrat voters. How they burned the American Flag and destroyed property. How Republican celebrities threatened to leave the country and elected officials said to riot. How billionaire republicans provided buses for the rioters to travel on to destroy cities. ME NEITHER!!

  7. The reason is that all you have to say is, your are a decent person who actual cares about others, you care starts at grassroots, your town, schools,your county, state and this Great Country. I beleive that this is troubling to you, you believe in the political system, might not agree with it but you understand it. We have created a bunch of whiners that do not understand that you always don’t get what you want, this comes from trying to cuddle everyone.

    • frank, about those whiners that don’t understand you don’t always get what you want…would the protesters fall into that category now?

  8. Already Trump is backing away from “First order of business is an executive order eliminating Obamacare”. Now he wants to keep most of it but modify it. All I ever asked the Republicans to do instead of voting to repeal it 60 times. You can’t just put 60 million out on the street without insurance. He’ll find many more promises he won’t be able to deliver. And you can take that to the bank.

    • i put unbridled faith in obama when he came into office. i felt he was discriminated by congress, for whatever reason. my opinion changed. donald trump is coming into this awesome job without the insider information of the elite, which is why he was voted into the presidency. i’m putting the same faith in him i did in obama. fortunately or unfortunately there should be expected some shifts in his plans. i would rather he shift gears as he gains more insight than hold staunchly to thoughts he made without knowing all the facts. i believe he will find the best way to bring this country back to one we recognize as America.

      • It took George Bush 6 months to destroy what Bill Clinton had done; get back to me in 6 months. His cabinet is already taking on an extreme move to the right; not good for middle class America and the poor.

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