Well it didn’t take long for president elect Donald Trump to begin backing off his wild campaign promises.

First he was going to drain the swamp in DC by getting rid of the establishment. His first move was to name NJ Governor Christie to head his transition team, but he got caught up in the Bridgegate scandal.

So he has turned to VP elect Pence along with former Congressman Newt Gingrich and former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani; so much for outside the belt way.

On 60 Minutes Sunday he has softened on removing Obamacare as his first executive order; he wants to keep the pre-existing clause and allowing children to remain on their parents policy. He don’t cut off Obamacare until he has a plan of his own in place. He promises a cheaper way to go.

He won’t be sending Hillary to prison. Anyone who thought he would prosecute was dreaming. He says now they are good people. End of comment.

Waiting for that wall now; estimated cost is 8 billion dollars, and waiting to watch him load up 11 million illegal immigrants.

Stay Tuned!!!




  1. Now if he just appoints a moderate to the Supreme Court!
    I hated him with a passion but must support the will of the people as misguided and myopic as they be (at least the one who contributed to his electoral college win). While I guess I do hope, for the sake of this country, he succeeds, I can never forgive him for the type of course campaign he ran. This country’s electoral process will never be the same. With such vile rhetoric alone, he should never had been elected.

    • Just reading your column today about your statement that the stock market crashed on election night. But now I see it nearing an all time record of 19,000, Maybe Trump will have a positive impact on our country. Let’s compare his first 100 days with Obama’s and then report it in your column.
      Negative comments like in your column will only hurt, not help our situation.

      • Wayne I have nightmares thinking of what is in store for our nation in the next 4 years. I double if my column has any influence on the stock market. Keep following this blog. My retirement is in the stock market. I took a big hit during the Bush administration, but I was still working in a government job making good money and I could keep pumping money into the market. Retired now, and I can’t afford to take the hit I did then. At my age I could still afford to live comfortable, but I’m sure the kids would hate to see me lose their inheritance.

  2. Trump always was, and will be, a roll of the dice. But blowhard beats corruption. Few would have picked either had there been a better choice. Now having stepped down from his penthouse into the slime of the DC pigpen, Trump’s staring at the oncoming lights of the graft gravy train. It won’t be stopped. The rot will go on. It will run us all over eventually.

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