For years Republicans have wanted control of local government over the federal government. “Give power back to the states” was the cry.

Well now with the Republicans in control of the White House, House and Senate this is a possibility because Washington has wanted this to happen for some time.

The repercussion is less money to the already strapped states means they will put more burden on the counties. Guess who ends up paying the bill? Taxpayers.

Delaware facing a $167 million budget deficit in the coming year is having serious thoughts about doing just that.

JFC co-chair Senator Harris McDowell said for the past 8 years the state has been finding efficiencies and ways to shift and do things,, but the ability to find little pockets of magic to hold the budget are drying up if they have not already dried up.

The days of robbing Peter to pay Paul are up.

Before Governor Russ Peterson took over many programs funded by the county, the county’s were responsible for highway work, indigent care (welfare), costs to run the courts and other services once paid for by county taxes. Which left the counties suddenly with millions in surpluses.

During the years of the great recession other states have employed the opposite strategy placing more burden on counties, according to a consultant hired by the committee.



  1. I got an idea, how about the government just stay the hell out of everyone’s lives. Stop trying to protect me from myself. Stop telling me what I can and can’t put in my body. Stop creating BS laws to push someone else’s morality on others. Stop forcing me to pay for consumer products. Just quit. Obama’s presidency produced 81,640 total pages of regulations and rules in 2016, surpassing the previous record the administration set by 235 pages. Obama is the only president to ever surpass the 80,000 mark of regulatory pages produced, and did it four times. Reagan brought the page counts down from Carter’s 73,258 to as low as 44,812.

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