For some one critical of Barack Obama signing executive orders President Trump has certainly done his share in his first week as our fearless leader.

The latest is to build his border wall, and restore torture.

 The wall is estimated to cost between $8 billion, Trumps numbers, upwards to $20 billion, more realistic. And he wants to hire 5000 more border patrol people. Again another Ronald Reagan who wants smaller government but who added to the national debt and grew government.

His plan to pay for the wall is to ask Mexico to pay the tab. Mexico has politely told Trump to stick the wall where the sun don’t shine. They didn’t ask for the wall. If they don’t pay he will take that money from the $57 million we give Mexico in foreign aid.

Watch out Trump, you may be starting a trade war.

And then he wants to start to start torturing those who pose a threat to our government, like water boarding. He asked his advisors what they thought of the idea and he said they all thought it was a good idea. I have news for you; if you work for Trump you had better agree with him or out the door you go.

Senator John McCain who was a prisoner of war is totally against it as are other members of Congress. He has also threatened to cut off federal aid to cities who protect illegal immigrants. He wants them deported and cares nothing about ripping children born in this country from their illegal parents.

What have we elected?



7 thoughts on “BUILD THE WALL, TORTURE

  1. You do realize that there is already a “wall” between the US and Mexico. The wall has been in place for over 30 yrs where it can be built. There can not be a “wall” placed across the Indian Reservation that is on both sides of the border. Maintenance of the wall has been in the budget, along with drones surveillance and other security measures until last year when your President used his pen to remove the funding. That Mexico used funding from the United States to build a WALL between them and Guatemala and Belize. They said that this wall would help reduce illegal immigration from central American countries. What actually happened is the corrupt officials charge fees for smugglers to bring people through the WALL.

    The 5000 people he wants to hire will not cover the non-hiring for the last 5 yrs by your President for any of these positions that are open due to retirement and people leaving the political bs.

    I do know this because 26yrs ago I began my career with U.S. Border Patrol and will finish my career with Homeland Security Investigations this year. So I have witnessed what your President did to National Security and pick and choose what laws he wanted his DOJ to enforce.

  2. I salute your service to our country. I do know their is a partial wall, but the wall in question is along the Rio Grande which can easily be patrolled by boats. I never referred to building a fence in Indian territory; I referred to the pipe line. Today Mexico president responded to Trump’s wall and tariff. As I stated he more or less told him to shove the wall where the sun doesn’t shine. The tariff will effect a million American jobs. His executive order to pull out of one trade agreement has already impacted the farming community in the mid west who export grain. Trump hasn’t a clue.

    • Have you checked our Bill Clinton’s 1995 speech on Immigration, you could say Trump plagiarized the speech.

      My reference to the Indian reservations, on the northern and southern border, were to show that you can’t place a wall continuously. The Rio Grande river is patrolled by Border Patrol River unit, but because of the terrain a wall could not be built in the Big Bend National Park, so I here him talk about the wall, a better use of the money would be an electronic wall.

      You will never be able to secure the border with a “wall”, it has been tried throughout history, China, Romans, ect…. If we (the men and women who took the oath to protect this country) are allowed to enforce the Immigration laws on the books, then there would be no need for this conversation. Because Immigration issues is such a powerful political issue, the past presidents, from Clinton on have found a way to make both sides happy, they hire more to enforce the laws, but hire less, but usually more liberal Immigration judges. Since Immigration proceedings are Administrative not Criminal the judges have more leniency then their counter parts. Currently, if one is arrested not detained his/her case can be continued for up to 3 yrs, during this time if they receive work authorization and benefits. Then they can appeal the decision, another 2-3 yrs, by now they wil have U.S. citizen children and be granted a stay of removal.

      Also because of the media everyone focuses on the southern border and this seems to be the main issue, the northern border is wide open also, Airports are the easiest and most open path to this country, you have ship jumpers at ports, students that don’t leave, workers on Visa’s, worker Visa fraud, list goes on.

      One law that does need to change is the being born here automatically defers you Citizenship. This law allows millions of dollars to be sent overseas every month in the form of benefit payments. Chinese fly to California to have their babies and then leave after 3 months, now the child gets all of the welfare programs, Africa and European countries fly into NY and NJ, South and Central America fly into California or Texas, the Caribbean countries Florida. This cost you and me millions, or the social security fraud, I can go on and on.

      I guess what I am saying is, unless we put up a wall continuously around the US, don’t let airplanes from foreign countries, ships also, you will never stop Immigration.

    • Ever been on the Rio Grande Frank? There are areas too shallow for boat traffic and other areas with rapids so they cannot be “easily be patrolled by boats”.

      And are you really saying that farmers will not be transporting product because of the U.S. withdrawal from TPP. Oh, my bad. I forgot that liberals don’t believe in the principle of supply and demand.

  3. Deflection as usual Frank. I said nothing contradictory to Dy so I’m sure there is no disagreement. And actually I’m having a great day, week, month and year partly because of your continued inane protestations. Keep up the “good work”.

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