Another one of Trumps executive orders allows two oil pipe lines to be constructed or continued. “Great deal” Trump claims, “2500 jobs” he adds. Really Mr. Trump.

After construction of the pipeline only 100 jobs will be created to oversee the operation of the pipelines. And one pipe line from Canada going through Indian lands and pristine land, and to add insult to injury the oil will be going to China, not a drop to the U.S.

As a result the stock market sky rocketed especially oil stocks; again to help the wealthy at the expense of the poor Indians who don’t have the power nor the money to fight the oil giants.


2 thoughts on “PIPE LINE ADDS JOBS

  1. Frank, you are up to your usual cherry picking. Following is from BBC News on January 24th relative to the Keystone XL pipeline. “An increased supply of oil from Canada would mean a decreased dependency on Middle Eastern Supplies. According to marketing principles, increased availability of oil means lower prices for comsumers.”

  2. Also you have your China story mixed up. The only scenario where all of the oil goes to China is if the pipeline was not built and Canada had to transport the oil overland to Canadian ports on the Pacific. With the XL pipeline the oil would go to refineries in Texas and the products sold on the domestic and world market.

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