Donald Trump wants an investigation into voter fraud because he feels millions of illegal immigrants voted against him. Well, Trump believes everyone should have voted for the egomaniac president. Give me a break.

Their was .00004% voter fraud reported in the past election. States have so many voter safe guards you wouldn’t  believe. Drivers licenses are compared with voter registration.

And he’s not happy with his crowd numbers at his swearing in. He claims the press miscounted, he had more than any president being sworn in.

I don’t know if I can stand this guy for 4 years.


5 thoughts on “VOTER FRAUD

  1. Hey Frank, good to see your back in business. Thought you’d seen the light and left the left. Trump was elected by the working class people of this country. The one’s who’ve lost their jobs to immigrants and offshoring of labor. The one’s who’ve seen no wealth increase in decades as the top 1% steal all the gains. The one’s who can no longer afford health care. The one’s the Dem’s used to represent. The Dem’s ditched them for oligarchs, wall street, war hawks and social justice warriors. My suggestion to you, spend the next four years blogging about the failures of the left to represent its base. Maybe someone will listen.

    • LOL…kinda figured you’d respond like that. Anyone who’s not an Obama/Hillary fan must be a Bush/Trump fan. I was never a fan of Bush and think many of Trump’s calls are truly idiotic, but Obama left a huge wake in his path that destroyed the left and demoralized his base. Its the failure to recognize and admit it that will keep them down. The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one.

  2. Poor Mick Mulvaney, Budiet Director stated on TV this morning that he doesn’t have business cards because the president is cutting down on wasteful discretionary spending. BooHoo!
    Maybe if Mr. Trump spent just one weekend a month at home in DC, feasting on McDonald’s
    Happy Meals, he could get 500 business cards for $10.00 on the internet. And it would save taxpayers about 3 million dollars a month.
    Sure would buy a lot of Meals on Wheels!

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