President Trumps cabinet has been controversial, some have bordered on being very questionable because of their conflict of interest, others not being qualified.

Certainly their will be a turnover of many of Trumps appointments. The first casualty is General Michael Flynn, his national security advisor has been under fire over his so-called relationship with Russia, his lying while being vetted saying he had not had discussions with Russian leaders discussing possible removal of some sanctions against the Russians by the U.S.

The Republican controlled Congress has the authority to call up Trumps tax returns to see if he has any ties or close relationships with the Russians. They sure as hell didn’t waste time searching for dirt on Hillary Clinton. Why are they dragging their feet on something as important as national security.

A Russian spy ship has been reported being seen off the Delaware coast. Maybe they are waiting for a formal invitation from our president to just come on in and dock?

Even some of Trumps close advisors are facing censure; Kellyanne Conway who lies every day when her lips move, is under investigation by the ethics committee for using her position  to ‘advertise’ Ivanka’s  clothing and accessory lines on a FOX news show.


6 thoughts on “ONE DOWN MORE TO COME?

  1. Thoughts:

    Hillary committed several felonies but got off because, well the Russians are bad and my name is Clinton
    Flynn likely did the same thing and well, his name is not Clinton
    Evidently the Russians are still bad, but few people are asking why Obama created that meme in the first place
    When Obama didn’t get his way he expanded the powers of the Executive beyond what’s safe
    Trump absolutely will use those expanded powers to his benefit
    There is a deep entrenched bureaucracy in DC. Its being exposed and fighting back
    When you dig through the crap the elite in the country just want cheap labor and war
    If you tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth
    What’s true and what’s false doesn’t matter, just print it all and let God sort it out.
    People will never learn
    There’s nothing new under the sun

  2. i hear from someone in the coast guard that this is not the first time. we have ships in the black sea that the russians buzz around as well. @david- “just print it all and let God sort it out.” love that comment!!

  3. This is nothing new, Russians and Chinese use fishing trawlers in the Pacific and Indian Oceans to gather info. Around the Europe it is continuously happening, not just by Russian, it is a game to the spymasters. On the Atlantic coast same thing, fishing trawlers, some have equipment some just report what they see. Gulf of Mexico has Cuban Shrimp Boats doing the same thing. The US does it all up and down the coast on both sides from North Pole to South Pole.

    The one that is off the coast will end up in at a Caribbean Port here soon to refuel, resupply and let the crew out for a while, probably Cuba, but could be any where down there.

  4. Turnover can be good. If you put someone in a position and then find out that they aren’t capable you replace them. You don’t just leave them there. The best district manager that I ever worked for told me; if you aint firing a quarter of them and pissing off the rest of them then you aint doing your job!!!

    • Rick Interesting post. I have no comment other than I am sorry people still hold grudges about people coming into our town from the outside and not being allowed to share an opinion or seek elective office. As long as they pay taxes by the First Amendment they have that right. Laurel is a tight knit community and it is difficult for an outsider to enter the inner circle. However I found with the DuPont Plant coming to Seaford, by having fresh ideas and being involved in the community certainly didn’t hurt Seaford from growing. Many of their mayors were from other states. Our current mayor is not a native, and I certainly have not held that against him. I found it very interesting when I was Economic Development Director for the county, that almost every transplant that moved to Sussex wanted the gates closed and not allow anyone else to enter.
      My father was an immigrant and I know how difficult it was for him to be accepted by this community. He even had a brick tossed through his store window with a ‘Get out of Town’ note. Apparently things haven’t changed much.

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