Trumps dumping of Comey no shocker

Trumps firing of FBI Director has a strong smell. He tries to put the reasoning on the mishandling of the Clinton emails. But that is a smoke screen to kill the investigation of the Russian investigation. Trump is guilty as Hell in this cover up.


4 thoughts on “Trumps dumping of Comey no shocker

  1. Hillary did not loose as a result of any Russian influence. Hillary lost because she is a terrible human being. She represents everything that’s wrong with politics in our country today. That the Democrats pinned their hopes on such scum says nothing good about the party. She is a criminal. The only reason she’s not in jail is Comey. He should have been fired the moment Trump took office.

    All that being said, although no one has yet provided a single piece of evidence, I’m all for an independent investigation of the Russia allegations. At most they turned on a PR machine to discredit a candidate. Something we’ve done countless times in recent history.

  2. frank, i thought your recent silence was an indication that you had had an awakening. but, it’s like you can’t see the forest for the trees. i must admit, i don’t get how there is a connection between russia, putin, or the russian ambassador and the election. what is suppose to have happened? but one thing i know. trey gowdy will disclose any lies on either side when he gets the job he was born to do.

  3. In 1993, Bill Clinton became the first President to fire an FBI Director, William Sessions. Later he fired all the U S Attorneys. Period.

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