I Rest My Case

After today’s story by the Washington Post stating our stupid leader Trump leaked critical classified information to the Russians i rest my case from my previous post.  I tell you the guy has monetary obligations to Russia. They own him.  He needs to be impeached. He makes Hillary look like a Saint.  


11 thoughts on “I Rest My Case

  1. Why is it ok for you liberals to mock. call names, make slandering remarks about Trump and his family, but previously if I would of did any of this towards Obama or his family, I would of been called a racist, bigot, fascist or numerous other names. The media has done everything within its power to slander Trump and his family. For eight years I had to live with the idiot ya’ll elected to destroy this country, which he did a damn good job. I never rioted, burned down stores, assaulted anyone, yeah because I am not a liberal and don’t live in one of the liberal kingdoms that allows this. Chicago, Wilmington, Detroit all have two things in common, Democrats in charge and going for the murder capital of the US.

  2. do you actually know what information that might be? probably not. are you referring to his conversation with the ambassador, putin, or who? my information says others were present and agree that no confidential info was discussed. it seems the truth is in the eyes of the beholder. are you saying the washington post has no bias, does not deal in any fake news? do you think your personal opinion colors your remarks. sure it does. you call him stupid. can you not see what things her ‘intelligence’ has allowed her to do. your a smart man. i know you have friends in high democratic places and you are a die-hard democrat, but with all that has come out about her i just don’t know how you can hold her in such high esteem.

  3. Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

    California Democrat Representative Maxine Waters held $200,000 in Russia-linked retirement accounts in 2015, even while she hypocritically calls for President Donald J. Trump’s impeachment over his financial connections to Russia, according to her most recently available House financial disclosure documents.

    Mr Obama says: “On all these issues, but particularly missile defence, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.”

    Mr Medvedev replies: “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you …”

    Mr Obama retorts: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

    Bill Clinton received half a million dollars in 2010 for a speech he gave in Moscow, paid by a Russian firm, Renaissance Capital, that has ties to Russian intelligence. The Clinton Foundation took money from Russian officials and oligarchs, including Victor Kekselberg, a Putin confidant.

    • we know or have heard of sooo much illegal activity, from pergury (sp?), cover-ups, stealing from charity organizations, selling weapons to our enemies, murder repeatedly, gouging the american people, choosing their cohorts carefully so they will lie to protect, and the list goes on and on. what kind of people can continue to ignore or excuse these things and choose instead to try to destroy someone who is trying so hard to bring honor back to our crooked government. it has sunk so low and is so full of conspirators . main stream media has become part of the swamp.

  4. i would love to miss obama. he is making it impossible for pres. trump to do what he is there for. don’t tell me he has one iota of concern for this country while trying to stir up or invent these allegations. God help donald trump. i hope he has a thick skin. but once this battle is over obama and his cronies will have already planned a new one and paid someone to lie about it. i just read an article by justin baragona written from a live debate on cnn. alan dershowitz , a pretty decent and respected lawyer, is asking “What’s the crime?” it’s all insane when grown up adults show the world what babies act like when they don’t get their way. thing is, the baby is not putting an entire countty at risk while it has it’s temper tantrum.

  5. Carol I don’t know where you are getting your information, perhaps FOX News, but the leaks are coming from the FBI and within Trumps own people. Obama is free from the Oval Office, and you are correct he could care less what is going on in the White House, except maybe laughing off his butt how Trump is mismanaging the country. No one has to try and hang Trump, he is doing a great job of that himself. He has backed himself into a corner and is trapped. The Special prosecutor and Comey will hang him. Hate to see Trump have to leave office, because I fear Pence more. He is so far to the right he certainly would clash with his own party. Try switching TV channels to a legit news network. MSNBC, CNN, CBS THIS MORNING, have guests of both parties on, not just Conservatives like FOX.

    • that was from a cnn debate. my comment was obama has no concern for the country. his interest in the white house is overwhelming. he needs to keep his nose out of it. he is a man consumed with vengence. he was lining up his ‘army’ at least as soon as trump was elected, and probably before. sorry frank. they are showing their true colors, and it ain’t pretty. if they cared about the united states they would stop disrupting progress , suck it up , and support the president. enough is enough.there is a collusion going on that is a shameful embarrassment.

  6. John Podesta, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 national campaign chairman, may have violated federal law by failing to disclose the receipt of 75,000 shares of stock from a Kremlin-financed company when he joined the Obama White House in 2014, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.

  7. WaPo is owned by the die hard liberal Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Like the rest of the media sources you named (Fox included), they are a for profit company which makes money selling subscriptions and/or advertising. They report to shareholders who expect a return on their investment. They each have a niche following and market to that group. The division, distrust and hatred they breed with “anonymous sources” and “senior administrative officials” only improves their bottom line. No one with any sense believes any of them anymore.

  8. If you really want to follow an interesting case, the class action law suit against the DNC and former chairwomen Debbie Wasserman Schultz filed by Jared Beck and Elizabeth Beck of law firm Beck and Lee appears to be the one to watch. Doubtful you’ll hear much about it on those “legit news networks” you mentioned though.

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