Poor battered Attorney General Jeff Sessions who after a week of verbal insults by his boss the Make American Hate Again president must be thinking; “With friends like Trump, who needs enemies”. I give him credit for biting his tongue instead of lashing out at his boss.

Trump expects loyalty, but gives none in exchange. When Trump was at the bottom of the polls in the primaries, Sessions was the first and I believe the only U.S. Senator to endorse the jerk. Trumps campaign then took off with many southern governors endorsing him. Now the kick in the ass as thanks.

Sessions was not my choice for AG, not because of his political party, but as his positions on civil rights and segregation, but he was my AG and I had hopes he would pull a reversal on his positions as Lyndon Johnson did when he was elected president and had to represent all Americans not just his state.

Johnson’s new position cost the Democrats the hold on the southern states, but to me it was worth it. Now that they have power, the Republicans from those states are trying to reverse the civil rights movement and revert to the 60’s. Good old GOP, always looking forward.




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